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Unlimited Domain Hosting
Since our own background was in web design, we soon found the requirement for a hosting company that understood our requirments, and didn't succeed. So started one.

What we have come up with is a set of items that make it better for you, the web designer, such as unlimited customers on your account, This lets you have a single package, and add and remove customers web sites, and their domains, without paying more.

Further more, you can do it at three in the morning, via an on-line web console, and we arn't included in the cycle. Our system does all the work for you. We are, however, on hand for those special requests, where you need somone technical at the end of a phone or e-mail to help you along. Where other Hosts don't let you do things 'odd' or 'different', we understand somtimes you need to.

This package costs £300 per year, or £30 per month, and can be set automaticaly by filling in our online order form, and paying by creditcard. If you don't trust the web(!) send a cheque, and we'll activate the account for you. Again just fill in the order form, and say no to paying by credit card.

If you require further information please call the sales team, or e-mail , for a Quotation covering your requirements.


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